Creamy Potato Slice Bake (side dish)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

So this is a great side dish to make for a braai/bbq, easy and quick to make and also you can even take this to a braai/bbq party especially now that it has been holiday festive season. Crediting my aunty who made this accompanying the Chicken Braai/BBQ recipe that will be posted separately but the same time and will be linked here so you can find it.
You will see from this recipe that its quite a saucy side dish, so if your serving any dry so to say meal, such as grilled chicken or any bbq you can make this so there is a balance.


  • Peal your potatoes and slice them, around 1cm thick. 
  • Give a quick boil, make sure not to over boil because it will be going in the oven for a bit and if you over boil it will become mushy. 
  • Next, layer the slices in a pyrex/baking dish.
  • In another bowl mix; 250ml fresh cream, small tin of sweet corn (depending on how much you are making), salt, pepper and crushed green chillies. 
  • Pour this mix over the potato slices, top over with aromat and Robertson's Italian Herb spice.
  • Bake in the oven at around 180 degrees for an hour. 


Keep checking remember every oven is different, the day this was made it took even longer. So keep checking, it should be saucy but not so saucy. So as you can see if it will be in the oven for a while so do not boil for very long. 
You can sprinkle some parsley on top to garnish. 

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