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"I'm the SPICE PRINCESS and in my blog I bring you recipes that fuse different cultures and spices with Indian Cuisine. I try to share as much as I know, tips, videos and easy instructions for each recipe. Please feel free to share my posts, ask me anything and follow my social media sites."

I think it's best I start with introducing myself,
my name is Zainab Dokrat, I am 23 and
 I live in a country called Botswana (Southern Africa).
I am currently studying child psychology from home,
 I previously studied business and accounts,
I intern at a school as well as working on SFK and other ventures.
Besides food I am passionate about 
my religion (Islam), the environment, animals, reading, music, watching series, traveling, beauty, fashion, family and so on. 

So I created this food website/blog to show everyone how easy and fun cooking can be.
 My aim is to inspire the fusion of different cultures, cooking styles, spices, recipes 
and more into one and show how they can work so beautifully.

Food is an amazing way to let your creativity run wild,
and yes there will be flops along the way but that is how one learns.

Recipes I share are credited to who and where I got them from,
unless I have created it.
All the pictures are mine. 

The links to my Facebook Like Page, Instagram, Twitter and my other social media
 are on the home page,
so head over and share your recipes, tips and questions with everyone.

Any questions let me know, feedback would be greatly appreciated.
I will be creating videos in the near future
as well as sharing healthy recipes as well.


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Love Zainab Dokrat

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