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As-Salaam-Alaikum and HelloMy Fellow Foodies 

What does 'As-Salaam-Alaikum' mean?

This is an Arabic greeting which translates to 'Peace be upon you'. I am Muslim which is why I add an Islamic greeting whenever I do greet.

Who is the person behind the blog?

Well my name is Zainab Dokrat and I am behind this food blog. I am 23, I was born and raised in Botswana which is a country in Southern Africa. 
I am currently studying Child Psychology, I've studied Business and Accounts and I intern at a school, all while I work on other ventures/blogs.
I run a beauty and fashion blog called Beauty with Zainy which you can check out as well. 
Besides food I am passionate about my religion (Islam), the environment, animals, reading, music, watching series, traveling, beauty, fashion, family and so on. 

Why did I start the blog?

So I created this food website/blog to show everyone how easy and fun cooking can be.
My aim is to inspire the fusion of different cultures, cooking styles, spices, recipes and more into one and show how they can work so beautifully.

Food is an amazing way to let your creativity run wild and yes there will be flops along the way but that is how one learns.
I love spicy food, but I love experimenting with foods from different cultures. I like to stay true to the origin but sometimes I like to add a bit of flare. 
This is why I love cooking, you can create whatever your taste buds crave and sometimes come up with the best recipes. 

Where do I get the recipes I share?

Not all recipes I share are mine initially, however I do add my own twist to the original recipe so it is a bit different. However, recipes I share are credited to who and where I got them from, unless I have created it. Nowadays, recipes are so easy to come across; groups, blogs, videos, there is a recipe for everything. I still like to credit the recipe inspiration if it is not my own creation. 

Are the recipes I post tried and tested?

I would never post a recipe without testing it out as well as it goes to say all the pictures and videos are all mine. 
I record and capture the meal as I have prepared it and only if my family and I like it will I go on to share it on my blog. 
I don't see the point in sharing recipes I haven't tried or sharing my tips of the recipe when it would lead to someone wasting food if the meal flopped. 
However, one should remember everyone's taste buds and preference is different so there is a chance some recipes may and may not work for you.

Nervous about cooking spicy food? 

Can the quantities of ingredients be changed? 

Sometimes I have to take a step back and remember not everyone who follows and views my recipes cooks spicy food every day. If it's something you want to try out or slowly incorporate into your meals start slow. 
I cook free hand, but I started adding quantity estimations for my ingredients because a lot of you are new to spicy food or generally prefer to measure and that is perfectly okay. 
The beauty with cooking is you have a lot of room to change things up, a HUGE TIP is make your marinate before mixing in the meat, this way you can taste and see if you need to add anything or you need to make a whole new marinade. 
Don't be nervous when it comes to spicy food and using ingredients you aren't familiar with because that will hold you back from coming up with amazing dishes.

How do I find a recipe quickly?

Well you can easily use the 'search' bar either on the home screen (at the top) or you can scroll down on your phone to find it. Type in the recipe name or what you think it is and all the options of recipes I have published related will pop up. 
Another way to search for a recipe is to check the label tags which are right at the bottom of the blog, all the recipes I have published have a label that makes it easy to categorise. So if you're searching for a 'chicken recipe' if you click on the label 'chicken' then all the recipes that have chicken in it will appear. 

I need help, can I message you?

I respond to every email and comment. You can message on the post itself or send me a direct message (there is a form on the blog just scroll down on the phone or look on the right side bar on the laptop/computer). You can also message me on any of my social media pages. 
I try my best to help as much as I can and provide as much information as I can to anyone who does message me. 
So please if you have a spice question, recipe question, want to request something or literally anything please do feel free to send me a message.

Does SFK do sponsored posts, reviews and sell ad spaces?

Yes this is now available on the blog. 
With the growing traffic SFK is constantly receiving, locally and internationally I have decided to add these options for people to get their name out there.
There is a rate I charge for each offered service which is negotiable. The only thing is they have to be clean/family friendly. If it is food related, they have to be halal (or no pork) and no alcohol. 
For more information on statistics as well as prices, please be sure to email me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to go through all these questions and answers I constantly receive. If you have one do not hesitate to ask away. 
Also please be sure to check out all my other social media links which are down below, I am more active there as well with more recipes/tips/videos and pictures so you don't want to miss out on anything. Most importantly like my posts, share the food love and most importantly subscribe to my blog, I don't spam your email but you will be notified when a recipe goes up.

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