Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You know how every household has a certain savoury that's like a must savoury that is made if not everyday but every second day and it works. This and a few others are my family's favourite.
It's super easy to make and store, you can make it in a bulk and store 2 cups worth per serving, also I will be showing how we started storing it, saves freezer space - 2nd picture.

I will update this post as ramadan comes and we make them fresh and how it looks cooked.


3 carrots
1 onion
1 cucumber

  • Grate all, and drain all the water out. 
  • Next add:

1 tsp sugar
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp dry ground coriander 
1/4 cup rice flour
Green Masala (green chilli paste)
3/4 cup channa flour
1 1/2 cup cake flour 

  • Mix well together and freeze as said above.
  • Add tsp or 2 of baking powder to how much you want to make. 
  • Heat a flat pan or frying pan, and scoop a table spoon at a time and make very small circles.
  • Basically, cook them like pancakes, let one side cook a bit and flip it.
  • When they are golden brown remove them off the heat.
  • Serve with lemon.

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