Cheesy Sweet Savoury *appetizer*

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This recipe was shared to me by my aunty,
and I think its a great, quick, light dish to make.
It fills up the table, it can be a great dish to nibble on,
and has a Middle Eastern feel to it.

Since my facebook group really buzzed about it when I shared it there,
I had to put it up here.


Samoosa Pur sheets (check at the ethnic section of the supermarket, stored in the freezers) - you can substitute with phyllo pastry 

Kiri Cheese (this is a processed soft cheese, it can be found world wide - check for laughing cow cheese also if you cannot find kiri)

Chopped Pistachios 

Gold Syrup 

Shallow Oil


  1. Samoosa sheets are usually long, so cut them in half. 
  2. Take a kiri cheese block, cut that in half and place that on one end.
  3. Roll it closed till the end and seal with a mix of flour and a little water which creates a paste. 
  4. Make as many as you want. 
  5. Lightly fry for a few seconds till golden brown. 
  6. Drizzle with golden syrup and top with chopped pistachios and serve hot.
  7. You will be eating them non stop!

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  1. Looks delicious and easy steps to follow 😋

    1. Looks reallly good! Thanks for sharing this recipe here, will definitely try it out :)

    2. You're welcome :) You can try with another cheese if this particular one cannot be found in your supermarket.

  2. Ma sha Allah. that looks delish! <3 i wanna try but there is no samosa sheet sold here. T_T how to make one? is it like a crepe?


    1. Shukran Um somewhat similar its very tedious to make, where are you from? ...Well actually I am planning on doing a whole recipe post with a video on how to make your own. Inshallah I will try to get it out by next week to make it easy for those that can't buy but what to make it themselves.

  3. Looks fab! I think a bit of nutella would go well with them too :)

    1. Thank you! That's an amazing idea :D I will update the post with that suggestion, it's really good idea especially a great hit with kids.

  4. Mouth watering! Mash'Allah these look great, thanks for sharing!!

  5. this looks soo delish mashaa allah, great for nxt time i have guests over inshaa allah.

    1. jazakallah I think it's quick to whip up and serve. A previous sister commented adding chocolate or nutella which I think is a great idea especially if there's kids.