Meet The Chef - Ayesha Seedat Of 'Wabi Sabi Cuisine'

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

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This is a relatively new series to Spicy Fusion Kitchen,
which I decided to start so I can share more than just recipes with you all.
I want to share the amazingly talented people
 I know personally or follow on my social media;
who either slays in baking, cooking or anything kitchen related. 
Some you may know and some are gems I would love for you to check out. 
I learn so much from them and I find what they do so inspiring.
So each month I will bring you a new chef,
I know I am a few days later this month but with Eid things got a bit hectic 
and I couldn't get this up in time.

She is the most inspiring, talented, hardworking Muslim women to have in your life.
Sadly I can just have her on my social media life because I live too far lol
But I kid you not her life is goals and her cooking inspires me to kick it up a million notches.
Besides slaying in the kitchen she is a mother of 3 boys and an amazing makeup artist,
she strives to find the perfect balance between being a mother, her career, her passion for cooking and even has time to gym!

Do you see what I mean by hardworking and inspiring?!

For a lot of people cooking is a 'chore' but watching her snaps as she cooks I can feel her passion for what she makes which makes me want to try everything she makes.


Instagram Page

So like my previous 'meet the chef' I asked Aunty Ayesha a bunch of questions, got some tips on cooking and how to balance it all. 

How do you juggle it all?

Being true to yourself, being able to take the time out for myself when I feel that I must is how I try to balance it all. I have been training for the best part of 17 years through 3 pregnancies and kids. Six days a week from 5 till 7 in the evening is my time for myself so that I can once again deal with everything else.

Where did the passion for cooking come about?

Cooking is in my blood, I have been cooking since the time I was almost 12 or 13 years old. I remember vividly my mom giving my sister and I tasks weekly so that we were used to it from a young age.

Was there a particular dish you found hard to master?

I think definitely that would have to be mastering baking, especially tarts and tartrements. I am no good with all the fancy stuff.

What is your favourite type of cuisine to cook?

I don’t have a favorite type of cuisine if I must be honest. Every single Culture and cuisine inspires me in different ways.

How do you stay true to a culture of the cuisine you are cooking?

I look up to a lot of chefs, I firmly believe in reading and having an open mind. For me the most important thing is to be authentic to the spices of that cuisine. I love cooking with fresh ingredients, I do almost all my spices at home, I feel as if that way I can control exactly what’s going in to my food and I cannot emphasize enough the difference in the final taste. 

 A lot of the times you snap your sons in the kitchen.

Do they also have a passion for cooking or is it a way to help them become more independent?

I would like to think that I have raised my boys to be independent boys. There is something very fulfilling and wholesome about having them in the kitchen with me helping me along but for them as they feel a sense of accomplishment themselves.

Any advice you may have for the young ladies that look up to you who may not like cooking?

I think I would just like to tell our young girls, you can be whoever you wish to be. Be true to yourself, and do things that make you happy but remember through it all we have duties towards our children, families and parents. Whatever it is that you may choose to do. Do it with 100% passion, commitment and your heart. A woman is a perfect example of everything; NOT JUST A MOTHER, NOT JUST A FRIEND, NOT JUST A DAUGHTER, NOT JUST A WIFE, SHE IS EVERYTHING SHE PUTS HER MIND TO

This is just a dip into this amazing women,
I really hope you enjoy this series because I love sharing such talented people with you all. 
If you don't have snapchat trust me downloading it just to have Ayesha is worth it!
I cannot say this enough but she really is so motivational to have,
she usually snaps most of her whole day and she does so much 
it's mind blowing mashallah.
I constantly save every recipe she shares,
she's truly talented, hardworking and may Allah grant her all the success Insha-Allah.

I do apologise for having this post up a bit late,
I do hope to continue this as the months go on as well as discover new people
 I had no idea about along the way.

Much Love

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  1. Really inspiring words "A woman is a perfect example of everything; NOT JUST A MOTHER, NOT JUST A FRIEND, NOT JUST A DAUGHTER, NOT JUST A WIFE, SHE IS EVERYTHING SHE PUTS HER MIND TO."
    Thanks for sharing this article... :)

  2. Really inspiring and insightful as well as informative and a lovely read

  3. Wow! She really knows how to balance things out. I once heard that never trust a slim chef. She is definitely an exception. :-)

    1. I know, makes me want to work harder and do much more because finding the balance is possible!

  4. I love that young and cheerful look on her face. That really shows how balanced and focused she is in her world. And it is even more inspiring to read about her when i get to know that she is a mother of three beautiful children.

    1. She does so much and she makes time for herself which is amazing mashallah! She is right if you don't keep yourself happy the people you are responsible of looking after won't be happy.

  5. Completely agree with this: I think I would just like to tell our young girls, you can be whoever you wish to be.

    It's exactly what I tell my girls!

    1. That is so true! Encouragement from other women especially mums to young girls is very important. A lot of girls miss out on opportunities in life because they lack the encouragement from people.

  6. This was a great interview, it was lovely to get to know Ayesha-she sounds like a great person!

    1. She really is! So helpful and so talented as well, love having her on my social media.

  7. Mashaa Allah, what an inspiring sister! I love the quote at the end - A woman is a perfect example of everything; NOT JUST A MOTHER, NOT JUST A FRIEND, NOT JUST A DAUGHTER, NOT JUST A WIFE, SHE IS EVERYTHING SHE PUTS HER MIND TO. <3

  8. Nice,She sounds like a good chef.,Its true that the women is perfect example of everything. .