Lemon Custard Dessert

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Those that know me know I am so not a dessert making person unless its the fridge kind!! Which this is :D oh the joy lol. It was super easy easy to make and was finished in seconds. You can make them in individual servings or in one big dish which you can serve from. Either way loved this recipe, mum made it this weekend when we had family friends over, I was the taster and photographer lol

And while I was taking pictures I think my kitty wanted to be in the picture and so his in a couple of more shots even. Super cute :p


1 tin condense milk 
100ml freshly squeezed lemon juice  
60ml custard powder
500ml milk
3 Tb sugar 
1 pkt tennis biscuits 

Please note! 
  • 100ml of lemon juice is quite a lot, so mum used way less that that, around half because lemon is a strong ingredient and it can over power the whole dessert. 
  • We did 3 layers, not 2. Also, we ended up using 1 and a half pkts of tennis biscuits. 


  • On stove top; Boil 450ml milk and than add in sugar.
  • Mix 50ml milk with custard powder until smooth.
  • Add this to the milk mixture - the custard must be slightly thick.
  • Separately, beat the condense for around 5 minutes + with a hand mixer, than add in the lemon juice and beat for another 5 minutes (Taste to see if the lemon can be tasted in the mix but that its not so sour).
  • Layer in a dish the tennis biscuits, than the condense mixture, another layer of tennis biscuits, leftover condense, tennis biscuits and than finally top with the custard mixture.
  • Decorate with flake, strawberries, glitter...whatever you wish to garnish with.  

Hope you like this recipe, as you can see its super easy to make, lovely to have for a tea party dessert especially now that its summer its quite light as well. 

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