Gourmet Chicken Burgers

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My aunty made this for our Sunday supper a while back,
and I found it in the drafts as a recipe I was planning on sharing but never came around to. 
It was super yummy and filling, I would know I finished it,
 and I never finish my burgers! 

As Ramadan (Muslim fasting month) draws close to an end,
it's hard to keep thinking of filling, yet light dishes to make.
And with big nights upon us we should be spending more time praying,
and less time in the kitchen.
My Muslim viewers will know what I am talking about.

And, for my non Muslim viewers,
if you want a light meal in the weekend,
either for the kids or a dinner party
and you don't feel like going out or ordering in
this is a great recipe for which ever night you have in mind.

So I really suggest giving this a try
anyone and everyone will love it. 


Lemon Pepper
Robertson's BBQ Spice
Steers Chicken Marinade
Robertson's Mixed Herbs
Fine Red Chillies

  • Cook on low temperature with a bit of water till done.
  • Fry cubed potatoes and spice up with salt, paprika and dry parsley. 


4 TB Mayo 
1 Tb vinegar 
1/2 tsp dry parsley 
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp lemon pepper 

  • Stir all the ingredients well, should be a bit runny. 
  • Shred some lettuce.
  • Slice burger buns, slightly toast them
  • Build up your burgers and serve.


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