Milk Tart *Eid/Dinner Party Dessert*

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ah Eid is almost upon us,
how did time fly?
Those that know me for a while know how much I love
 easy, no-baking required desserts! 
Yes Mizz Spicy Fusion is terrible at baking lol I'm not even lying, 
yet my mum constantly asks for my opinion 
and I'm like seriously, you want to trust me and your cupcakes?!

Anyway I'm rambling on, lets move on to my new favourite dessert.
 that I think I am going to always make especially all for myself
because it's just that amazing and so easy to whip up! 

So if it's for Eid (Muslim celebration), 
 or making something quick for a dinner party,
 or just to indulgent yourself in some yumminess 
than this is a recipe to book mark and keep forever.

Now this recipe I got for my mum,
and she got it off the amazing facebook group called Treasury Foods,
 and if you ever have time check them out, 
such an awesome group of people sharing the love with food. 
Please note this recipe has a strange method to  making it,
you'll be using 1 tin/can to mix everything,
sound strange?
Oh it is, 
but it works perfectly.
However, I will post the tin measurements,
for international viewers so you can be sure you're using the right amount.
If you have any questions.
please leave a comment down below. 

Stop rambling Zainab and let's move on to the recipe:


1 tin/can condensed milk

  • Add to a pot.
*Using the same tin* measure around 3 tins worth of full cream milk

  • Add this to the same pot and bring to a boil

*Using the same tin...again* Beat 1 egg
                                              Add 4 Tb cornflour
                                              1 tsp vanilla essence 
                                              Top the tin with milk till it's filled

  • Pour into the boiling milk pot with 1 Tb butter. 
  • Keep stirring so no lumps form and it becomes a medium thick consistency so for around 3-4 minutes. 

Now for the layering part: 

You can use one big pyrex dish and make a big serving portion.
 Or for a much more fancier serving you can make individual dishes. 

Now if you're doing it in a pyrex dish the only difference
 is you wouldn't have to crush the biscuits.
 as you would obviously do if you did the servings individually. 

  • First, add your tennis biscuits (crushed or not crushed).
  • Next, pour your milky mix over the biscuits, but not all.
  • Top with another layer of biscuits.
  • Pour the remaining milk mix over.
  • Dust with some powdered cinnamon and place in the fridge for a couple of hours. 

I cannot rave enough about how much I love this recipe.
 Did I not say it was easy?!
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  1. Oh mashAllah! I tried it and the recipe and came out very nice, my hubby complimented non-stop! Jazakallah so much :)

    1. Aww jazakallah!! Glad everyone enjoyed it alhamdulillah <3