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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Apple Kachoomar

Mango Achaar

Credit goes to my aunty Fatima for making Friday lunch for us, loved it. This is another traditional Indian rice dish, with many different ways to make and serve it. I will show how this one was made, I will also posting 2 kachoomar dishes (small side dishes that goes with the rice) and also a mango achaar recipe (pickled mangos).
Those recipes, will be posted separately, but also linked on this post after-ward.

Low quality pictures for this one, I am sorry about that, when I try making this next time around I will update the post with better pictures.


Red chilli masala (paste)
Ground ginger
Ground garlic
Fine cumin 
Fine coriander 


  • Soak a pinch of saffron in boiling water for a while.
  • Braise chopped onions in ghee/oil with; cardamom (elachi), cinnamon stick (taj), clove (lavang) and whole green chilli. 
  • When the onions are golden, add the chicken and the saffron with the water.
  • Also add chopped carrots and peas. 
  • Cut up some potatoes and fry them.
  • Add liquidised tomatoes, the fried potatoes and fresh green coriander to the chicken.
  • IMMEDIATELY after adding the above ingredients add your half way boiled rice to the pot. 
  • Seal the pot shut with some foil and put the temperature on high till it starts boiling. 
  • When it starts to boil put the temperature on low and leave to steam till the tomatoes have cooked.  
  • Serve with dhay, kachoomar and mango achaar. 

Now other ways to cook this is to add uncooked rice and leave it to cook in the pot with the chicken.
Also some people toss the rice with the chicken instead of layering it just on top. 


  • Take some sour milk (inkomazi), a bit of yoghurt.
  • Add some ground green chillies with some salt and whip really well.
  • Check for taste.

Please serve with the next recipes I posted.

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