Braai/BBQ Chops Marinades (2 RECIPES)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Okay let's be honest, summer or winter if you're in Southern Africa the braai/bbq stand is always out, regardless of the season.
So these are some recipes, my family always uses.


For more of her recipes check out her facebook group Treasury of Food by Nazrina Joosub.

1 kg of thinly sliced chops

1 Tb of each sauce:  steers chicken tikka  
                                 steers preggo 
                                 steers peri-peri 
                                 bbq sauce

1Tb of each Worcester and Soya Sauce 

1tsp of : cumin
              smoked paprika
              bbq spice
              steak n chops spice

  • Marinate the chops preferably overnight and braai/bbq on the stand.
  • You can keep basting the chops with the leftover marinade as you turn the chops.


Zesty Lemon Pepper
Crushed Garlic
Ground Black Pepper
Soya Sauce
Worcester Sauce
Steaks n Chops Spice
Little Olive Oil 

  • Make a paste and rub all over the chops.
  • Marinate over night and braai/bbq.
  • Again keep basting the chops with the leftover marinate as you turn the meat.

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