Saucy Chicken Pie (RAMADAN SAVOURY)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Now this is a family recipe, my granny's eldest sister's recipe to be exact. With this recipe you will need Piccalilli which you can find at any supermarket in the pickle section.
Hope you're enjoying the Ramadan Special I'm hosting on my website with all new recipes, its all week pie week! so more pie recipes coming your way. I'll be posting this ramadan special savoury recipes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday so make sure you're subscribed.


1kg Chicken Fillet Cubed

  • Braise 1 thinly sliced onions in olive oil.
  • When done add the chicken with:
           2 tsp Salt
           2 Tbsp white pepper
           1 Tbsp Lemon Pepper
           2 tsp Ground Green Chilli (paste)
           1 tsp Ground Ginger and Garlic

  • Cook on medium heat.
  • Take about 1/4 cup sago boil in water and when thick add to the chicken.
  • Than, when the chicken has finished cooking add 2 or 3 TB mayonnaise and leave to cool down. 
  • Finally chop fresh coriander.
  • Depending on how much chicken you cooked add 3 or 4 Tb of piccalilli (make sure you mash it up both mixing with the chicken) - add cautiously so the piccalilli is not overbearing on the chicken. 


  • Take the pie dough and roll out a bit so its not so thick.
  • Add the chicken on one side,
  • Next, add the cheese (be a bit generous), as shown down below.
  • Finally close it down and press a bit.

  • Finally, snip the top of the pie a couple of times.
  • Brush with egg and garnish with poppy seeds.
  • Pack away into tupperwares or styrofoams and freeze.
  • When ready to bake pre-heat an oven on high, and place inside when the oven is hot and bake till golden brown and puffy. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Well its the main ingredient in the recipe, we haven't tried it without, but you can try skipping it and see how it goes but I'd suggest not to

  2. What is sago and what is piccallili

    1. Sago is a type of flour. You can usually find it at spice shops or by the flour section in the supermarket.
      Piccallili is a type of relish, you can make it yourself there are many recipes even short cut ones - basically mixing pickle juice with chopped pickles, gerkins, mayo, cubed par boiled carrots, salt, oil and curry leaves; grind all together gives you the same effect.

  3. sallams is that pastry the pre cut, i am looking for a cutter like that.

    1. Wasalam :) we used pre cut pastry, before we would use a cookie cutter and roll it out a bit further, but now that we find pre cut it's much more easier.