Omw this is hands down my favorite drink!
Dad made this the other night and I had 2 servings thank you very much.
What made it even more amazing was the last ingredient,
which makes this taste exactly like the Nando's signiture/designer Vanilla Caipirnha
and if you know me you know how I just love it!
With Ramadan in full swing, it's a tradition to have something special to eat or drink after Tarawee.
Alhamdulillah :)
Also, with winter in full swing you wouldn't think this would be an option,
but it was so refreshing!


1/2 cup castor sugar
LARGE handful of fresh mint
750 ml sprite
1/4 cup lime cordial (we used the brand roses but any will do)
1/2 lemon thinly sliced
Crushed ice


  1. Place the castor sugar and mint in a large bowl.
  2. Using the back of a large spoon or a 'mortar and pestle' (lol every Indian home has one or if you're into spicy food you need this in our life) and grind the mint into the sugar for a minute or so.
  3. Transfer into a large glass jug, adding the lime cordial, lemon slices and top with sprite.
  4. You can adjust the sweetness if you prefer or add more lemon slices according to your preference. 
  5. Add crushed ice and serve immediately! or before serving add this next special ingredient!

Which is VANILLA ESSENCE!! A drop or two per serving, this will take this drink to a whole knew level trust me.


  • If you don't want to use crushed ice or you completely forgot like we did that's fine it still comes out tasting awesome!
  • Make sure the mint is crushed properly so the flavour comes through, you will be able to smell it after grinding it for a bit, when added with the rest of the ingredients it fuses together and tastes amazing.
  • Have some extra mint leaves for garnishing the drink when you're about to serve.
  • Last but not least sugar coat the rim of the glass - best way to do this is to rub on the edge of the glass some lemon juice and than dip it into sugar it should coat nicely. 

Have a blessed Ramadan :) If its Summer your side or winter like my side; please give this drink a try. remember my family and I in your duas as well. 

This dough recipe really surprised us,
it stayed soft for days! 
It's so quick to make and it's super easy.
Also this dough recipe is very very versatile,
we even tried it when we made cinnabons!
With winter upon us and Ramadan about to start this is great to keep for seri,
especially with soup.

2 cups warm water
4 Tb sugar
2 Tb yeast
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tb milk powder

*The milk powder makes the dough super soft, you can just use 1 Tb because was too soft, and only browning the top made it a bit more firm.

  • Mix all the ingredients together and set aside for 10-15 minutes.
Then add:

1/2 cup oil
3 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder (optional)

  • Mix well and knead into a dough.
  • Leave to sit for around 30 minutes.
  • In a greased baking pan, roll into small balls and place in the pan.
  • Brush over when egg so it can get nice and gold when baked, you can also garnish with poppy seeds 
  • Preheat your oven at 200 Degrees Celsius, then place your pan into the oven and turn the heat to 180 degrees. 
  • Leave to bake for 15-25 minutes till done, keep checking. You can grill the top to give the dough a nice golden.
  • Serve hot! You can use the same dough for savory dough recipes as well and also with curries and soup. 


1 Kg Chicken Fillet - cubed
2 Tb Portuguese Spice
1 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp White Pepper
1 Tb Crushed Garlic
2 Tb Lemon Juice
1-2 Chopped Green Chillies

2 cups Boiled Spaghetti - chopped
2 rounds Feta Cheese - cubed small
1 bunch Fresh coriander


30g Butter
40g Flour
30 ml Milk


1 egg - beaten
Corn Flour


  1. Marinate the chicken and cook till done (the marinate should exclude the spaghetti, feta and coriander).
  2. Set aside and allow to cool.
  3. In a separate saucepan make the white sauce, boil on medium head and whisk till smooth and thick,
  4. With a teaspoon blend together chicken, feta, coriander,spaghetti and white sauce, if you're not one to shy away from getting your hands dirty get in there and sqeesh the mix together so everything combines well.
  5. Moisten your clean hands with water, make golf-ball sized balls - like you would make with meat balls only a bit smaller.
  6. On a tray lightly dust cornflour over, so when you place the balls you've made on it than you would dust some more cornflour over instead of having to turn them over.
  7. Once all your meatballs have been made, go on to dip in your beaten egg and coat with breadcrumbs - I prefer the cornflakes crumbs because they fry crisper and also the golden colour is beautiful. 
  8.  We added small squewers and made them like fried pops!
  9. Can be frozen or if you're making fresh keep in the fridge for around 4 hours so it firms up.
  10. Deep fry on medium heat till golden and serve with lemon juice and chutney. 

I love this recipe, its like eating a roti roll (all Indian homes know this), its basically eating roti and chicken all together. Its a great different recipe idea that one can try, different from the usual frying and baking savouries, also it's a great snack for road trips or as a starter. Hope you enjoy this recipe, may all your ramadan prep go smoothly (:
Stay tuned 3 new recipes every week!


1 Cup Flour
Pinch of salt
1 tsp Sugar
2 Tb ghee (clarified butter)

  • Make the dough with some luke warm water and milk, kneed down together. 
  • Roll out into small equal sized rotis, not too thin or thick.


Chicken Fillet Cubed

Tikka Sauce 
Red chilli Paste 
Ground Ginger
Ground Garlic 
Dry Coriander
French Salad Dressing

  • Cook till done with a little water and olive oil.
  • Keep moist, don't let it dry out. 
  • Top with fresh coriander after finished cooking.
  • Leave to cool down after cooking, before using the filling. 


Tomato Sauce
Garlic Sauce
Machacho dry hot spice (or any chilli spice)
Tikka Sauce

  • Mix the sauce together - will be used as a base for the roti

  • After, rolling the roti same size.
  • Make sure you have a pair to make one.
  • Put the sauce as the base of the roti.
  • Fill with the cooked and cooled down chicken.

  • Close with the 'lid' of the roti, and press down the sides. 

  • Press down the edges and make sure its sealed.

  • Pack in the tupperware and cook on a hot pan like how you would make the roti. (trun around and around on the pan and keep flipping till golden brown as shown above. 

Now this is a family recipe, my granny's eldest sister's recipe to be exact. With this recipe you will need Piccalilli which you can find at any supermarket in the pickle section.
Hope you're enjoying the Ramadan Special I'm hosting on my website with all new recipes, its all week pie week! so more pie recipes coming your way. I'll be posting this ramadan special savoury recipes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday so make sure you're subscribed.


Chicken Fillet Cubed

  • Braise some thinly sliced onions in olive oil.
  • When done add the chicken with:
           A lot of white pepper
           Lemon Pepper
           Ground Green Chilli (paste)
           Ground Ginger and Garlic

  • Cook on medium heat.
  • Take about 1/4 cup sago boil in water and when thick add to the chicken.
  • Than, when the chicken has finished cooking add 2 or 3 TB mayonnaise and leave to cool down. 
  • Finally chop fresh coriander.
  • Depending on how much chicken you cooked add 3 or 4 Tb of piccalilli (make sure you mash it up both mixing with the chicken) - add cautiously so the piccalilli is not overbearing on the chicken. 


  • Take the pie dough and roll out a bit so its not so thick.
  • Add the chicken on one side,
  • Next, add the cheese (be a bit generous), as shown down below.
  • Finally close it down and press a bit.

  • Finally, snip the top of the pie a couple of times.
  • Brush with egg and garnish with poppy seeds.
  • Pack away into tupperwares or styrofoams and freeze.
  • When ready to bake pre-heat an oven on high, and place inside when the oven is hot and bake till golden brown and puffy. 

Other wise known as piggie in a blanket, but the name is a bit iffy and annoys my mum lol so I changed it. Its super easy to make, adds another variety to your savouries and is another flavour from the usual chicken and steak filling.

This, is the last pie recipe I shall be sharing, thus ending off pie week.
But don't feel sad, I shall be posting other savoury recipes, 
same time same place, that is every;
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


  • Fry them halfway.
  • Make a sauce:
Fresh Salad Dressing 
Tomato Sauce
Dry Machacho Hot Spice
Mustard Sauce (very little) 

  • Take out a ready cut pie sheet (small rectangle) roll it out a bit.
  • Cut the edges to make a fringe.
  • Put some sauce add the vienna and roll closed.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut on the fringe on the top make them a little deeper and separate them a bit so it shows like the picture.

  • Brush with egg and sprinkle dried parsley on the top.

  • Pack in your tupperware or as you can see we're using styrofoam (less bulky to store in the freezer).
  • When needed remove from the freezer couple of hours before baking (keep in the fridge so i doesn't get too soft, than bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees when needed till golden brown and puffy.