Mint and Green Chilli Chutney

Monday, February 09, 2015

This chutney recipe has the authentic taste of the the chutney you buy in an Indian or Pakistani restaurant - it has such a different taste from the usual rita (yoghurt and green chilli) chutney.
Goes along with your tandoori chicken, chicken braai/bbq and whatever you wished to eat it wish.

handful of mint leaves
chopped onion
chopped tomato
chopped (finely) green chillies

  • Blend with a little water till smooth, but not so watery.
  • Add natural plain yoghurt, salt, red chilli powder and a dash of lemon juice.
  • Taste to see it has a spicy kick to it. 
  • When happy it can be served. 

Serve with all braai/bbq or grilled chicken meals!
As you can see this is super easy to make, and it will taste so amazing promise you that. 

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