Butter Chicken Biryani

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Ah what to cook for Jummah Lunch?
I really do hope all my Muslim viewers and subscribers had a blessed month
and an amazing Eid.
So my mum actually came across this recipe on a video
and I must say it was so easy and so much fun to make.
It's definitely a hit and future repeat.

Now we cooked this in a traditional pot called a deg,
you can use a regular pot if you don't have one,
also you can cook this on an open fire or in the oven it depends what's convenient for you.
I also have to say this the ingredients listed the quantities are all estimations,
a lot of beginners have requested I add them which I am happy to do so.
You can obviously change it up depending on your taste buds 
and how much you are cooking.

- STEP 1 - 


Chicken Fillet 
1 ½ Tb Fresh Ginger Paste
2 Tb Fresh Crushed Garlic
¼ Cup Yogurt
¼ Cup Cashew Paste 
2 Tb Red Chili Powder
½ Tb Coriander Powder 
½ tsp Garam Masala
1 tsp sugar
½ Cup Tomato Puree 
¼ Cup Fried Onions (died)
Salt To Taste
¼ Cup Fresh Mint Leaves
½ Cup Fresh Coriander

2 TB Butter 
1 Tb Whole Spice


  1. Cube your chicken fillet, into semi big cubes. Around 3 cups is enough for the ingredient quantity estimations above. 
  2. Marinate your chicken for around 2 hours. 
  3. In your pot (you can use another deg if you wish but we used a pot for this step).
  4. Add your butter on low heat till it melts adding your whole spice and braise for a 1 minute or 2. (You can substitute the butter for ghee or olive oil which every you prefer).
  5. Next add your marinated chicken, some water and cook on a low heat till your chicken is cooked half way.
  6. When it's half way done remove of the heat. 

- STEP 2 -


2 TB Ghee (clarified butter)
2 Potatoes - sliced
Sprinkle of Salt 
3 cups Basmati Rice 
¼ Cup Fried Onions (dried)
1 cup Coriander
1 cup Mint
1 Tb fresh cream drizzle
rest of the rice
2 Tb saffron and milk
fried onions
quick dough (flour and water used for sealing)
live charcoal, cloves and ghee smoke)
cook 15-20 minutes on low


1. In a deg heat up some ghee/clarified butter (you can substitute it for olive oil to be healthier). 
2. Once it's hot layer your potato slices at the bottom of the deg or pot and sprinkle some salt. 

3. Now layer half of your boiled rice making sure its spread evenly.
4. Top with half of the dried fried onions, half of the fresh coriander and half of the fresh mint. 

5. Next, add in your chicken over the rice and spread it evenly as well.
6. Drizzle the fresh cream over the chicken.

7. Layer the rest of the rice on top.
8. In a cut heat a few strands of saffron in milk and pour this over the rice.
9. Garnish the rice by adding the rest of the dried fried onions, fresh coriander and mint over the rice.

10. Now you have to make a quick dough just enough to cover the edge of the deg.

11. Seal the lid shut tightly and you can now steam cook on an open fire or like we did in a hot oven. 

12. After it has steamed for around 30 minutes, remove from the oven or fire and pop the lid off.
13.In the middle place a small foil basket you made with a piece of charcoal you heated up just before taking out the pot. Place the charcoal in the middle of the foil, add a couple of cloves and a drizzle of ghee or oil on top to start the smoking process.

14. Immediately cover and place the deg back on the fire or in the hot oven. 
16. Cook on a low heat and leave to smoke for 15 - 20 more minutes. 
When done, remove the foil basket with the charcoal and serve with a cucumber and carrot relish and dhay.

    - STEP 3 - 


    1. Slice some carrots, onions and cucumbers also removing the peel of the cucumber. 
    2. Mix in some yogurt and a drizzle of lemon juice. 
    3. Add some fresh coriander, if you want it a bit chili you can add some ground green chili paste. (Serve Chilled)
    4. For the dhay we mix together freshly ground green chilli paste with sour milk, you can mix it with yoghurt and little milk. Whip till it's semi thick but not too thick (should run a bit).
    5. We don't like having rice dishes dry so that is why we make dhay to accompany it. (Serve Chilled)

    I will say another way I want to try to seal it with dough is actually 
    when we just put the coal in to smoke the dish. 
    I want to try rolling a circle,
    placing the coal inside, 
    start the smoking process,
    quickly add the dough to cover the opening of the pot/deg,
    seal it with the lid tightly and place it in a hot oven for the stated time.
    Imagine cutting through the dough when serving, 
    the aroma, fused flavours and serving effect for your family or guests will be amazing!

    I hope you enjoy this Butter Chicken Biryani Recipe,
    we love trying new rice dishes for Jummah lunch 
    because we get so tired of the usual traditional Indian rice dishes. 

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    1. Wow. Butter chicken and biriyani both my favorite and when the both combines, this sounds super delicious. I'll try this recipe, inshaallah. Thanks for sharing.

      1. It was so filling and tasted amazing! Hope you do try this recipe out :)

    2. Looks so yummy thanks for sharing this recipe, I'll have to make it when I have a day off

    3. Great recipe ma sha allah...looks delicious!!

    4. Definitely telling my husband to make this for me! Combines two of my favorite things non-spicy biryani rice and butter chicken! Thanks for sharing.

      1. Haha it really is so good! You're welcome enjoy!

    5. Oh this looks delicious. Never thought to try butter chicken biryani! Might have to give this one a go

      1. Thank you :) It really is a fusion dish and who would have thought it works but it does :) hope you do get to try it out.

    6. Looks delicious!! Might just have to give it a go!