Eid al Fitr 2016 (Ramadan) Table Decor and Menu

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Even though so many days have passed it's never to late to wish someone right?
Okay maybe it is...hmm well anyway
I hope you all had a blessed month of Ramadan and a happy Eid. 
So you know I love doing this series,
and I'm quite annoyed I don't do more because we entertain A LOT!
Insha-Allah I think I will try to do this more often.

So a little detail on how we have Eid,
which starts out differently than some families. 
So Eid morning is pretty hectic which is why 95% of the main table is done the night before, 
and all that's left to put are the food platters.

[lol enjoy my hijab style I just draped it so casually because mumsie wanted to snap some 'behind the scenes' pictures lol]
 This Eid we thought we would touch on the Arabian scene. Sigh I wasn't allowed to put up the hukas lol one-day. Anyway we popped on the table some of my granny's old gold Arabian Kettles (which for the life of me I cannot find the actual name for). I laid them out on a huge gold tray with some candles and flowers. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of the whole table,
I thought I did actually! 
Carrying on with the theme we chose red and gold table runners.

A lot of people ask how we have so many table decor items and more tips into buying.
We started with few items and we slowly built up our small collection, we still do actually.
We decide on a theme and go from there and obviously we keep those items. 
Start off with simple colours and items that can be reused as many times as possible,
check for specials as well so you don't spend so much money!
Keep my eyes open all year round for cool vases, candles, all decor on sale that you can use for occasions. 
(by the way if you are interested in seeing our storage and what we have please let me know)

All over the table I put up these mini chalk boards,
which are so cute and all the rave right now!
Awesome to have for parties when you have a buffet table laid out.
I like the bigger boards for drinks and the smaller ones for the actual food. 
I put my sister's pun sort of humor to good use to write the boards out. 

There's a lot of places to purchase them especially in South Africa.
If you're looking for a good deal and you don't mind buying online I will list some links:

SMALL BOARDS (10-12pcs) - Click Here or Click Here

Be sure to also check out craft stores as well they can be found there or 
you can make your own as well. 

I chose the sesame seed bread sticks from woolworths,
they're so yummy!
BREAD-STICKS - click here

Now some of you may think soup? really in summer?
lol on my side of the world Eid was in winter 
so yes our fasts were pretty easy Alhamdulillah.
I came up with a fun way to serve the soup,
I thought why not serve them in a cup its simple, sleek, filling and will warm you up. 
Also let's break out the fancy bread sticks!
First time I tried them with soup and I must say I'm a fan. 
The entire box was finished...most by my dad's snacking! lol 
Also the cups are a great way to serve traditional hot milk or khir at occasions 
- desi people know what I am talking about lol 

Okay I had to make the table a bit more fun!
Mum whipped up some bubble gum milkshake (if you want the recipe let me know),
which obviously we had to serve in these small milk bottles!

How cute another table decor trend which I shall leave purchase links to down below:

MINI MILK BOTTLES - click here or click here 

Jar of sweets of course!

 To create more dimension to your main table and to display some food trays or dishes,
pop some different sized boxes under the table cloth.
May sure everything looks neat and it's stable before placing what you want to on top.
For example that is what we did to this side of the table.

So I touched on a new way of serving, 
I thought it would be nice to serve the savouries like fancy appetizers. 
I won't deny I got this idea last year when I attended a makeup class lol 
but I thought it was so cute and so easy and now Insha-Allah for next Ramadan I will go full into serving this way.
(I said next Ramadan because the next Eid I shall be in hajj Insha-Allah).

So in these reusable plastic bowls (which are mostly used for desserts) I popped some yoghurt and green chilli chutney inside and placed a chicken nibble to rest on the side. 

PLASTIC DESSERT BOWLS - click here or click here or click here 


We had out chicken breadrolls, lemon butter kebabs, poori with two types of chicken [mayo and tandoori].


Savouries was very light, our family is very small and guests come for such a short time that we just top up on the table whenever it finishes. Also we were invited out for a tea party after lunch so we didn't have a tea table this Eid.

By the way this cute small pail I used for the yoghurt and green chilli chutney is from the craft shop. I haven't seen it being sold anywhere but online you can find it here. I actually have three; gold, white and silver.

Can't be an Eid table without some Kajoor (dates) and Zam Zam.
If you know my granny personally you will get the chalk board joke. 
Anyway mum did an awesome thing with the dates,
she actually garnished it with some pistachios and gold glitter!

I swear the day flew by soo quickly!
Now I know usually people like to have biryani lol but we like to have prawns!

We had salad, onion rings, traditional spicy garlic and lemon prawns and also stuffed steak!

 ONION RINGS  - Recipe Link

lol there was more onion rings mum was frying them up and I wanted to take a picture quickly!

If you would like to see the recipe of this than stay tuned I will be publishing it soon!

PRAWNS & SALAD - Recipe Link

The mini baskets which I served the onion rings in I bought from someone in SA if you would like the info please let me know. 
Here are other online sellers you can get them from,
this is another decor trend especially in restaurants serving fried chips in them!

MINI CHIP BASKET - click here or click here

Always remember to garnish your food either with parsley or coriander! 
It makes everything look so yummy and presentable,
we eat with our eyes first lol that's why we end up dishing out soo much!

I do hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you for your next occasion.
If you like these sort of posts do let me know and I will do more themes and menus.
Also I have up what I wore for Eid and my makeup breakdown,
if you would like to check that out for Hijabi Fashion inspiration
Click Here
to check it out on my beauty/fashion blog. 

Zainab Dokrat 

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